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Slot Game Tips

Slot game is a very exciting game. To increase your chance of winning at this game read on the following helpful tips:

1. Do not forget to use your player's card.

This is a very important tip. Your player's card is a very important tool whenever you visit a casino. Every time you play the slot machine never, never forget to use your player's card.

You can acquire a player's card from the casino, and every time you use it you earn points. These points can be converted to many complimentary. Some casino comps will offer you free food, free lodging, free fare, free shows, discounts on shops and other freebies.

If you keep on forgetting your player's card it also means that you are depriving yourself from many complimentary that the casino can provide you.

On the other hand, if you see someone's player's card left on the machine, all you have to do is to place it on top of the machine and for sure the owner of the card will come back and get it.

2. Read the pay tables first before playing.

This information will give you the idea if the machine is returning players their money. With this you can also know if the machine has a high hit of combination or not. Other players like to play at machines with bigger wins while others like is on smaller wins machines.

3. At progress slot machine, play maximum coin.

A progressive kind of slot machine often offer huge jackpot to players. If you are to play at this kind of slot machine make sure that you play at its maximum coins, this can give you higher chance of winning the jackpot.

If you are not aiming for the jackpot then this is not the right slot machine for you.

4. Look out for slot candles.

The slot candles are the light bulbs located on top of the slot machine. The light at the bottom will indicate the denomination; the light bulb comes in different color. The colors of the light bulb will determine the value of the coins needed for the slot machine.

Blue light means it requires a dollar, the yellow light mean a quarters and the red light refers to nickel.

5. Make sure that you lock up a profit.

Locking up a jackpot means that you pocket your profit. Pocket your capital and carry on with the rest if you like.

However, taking a deep breath after a jackpot is an ideal thing to do. After such a huge jackpot, relax; unwind a little and head back home.

6. Make a journal.

If you hit a jackpot list it down, this maybe needed as a report that you need to show to the IRS.

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