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  • Busting Slot Machine Myths - There are a lot of myths surrounding slot machines. Some of them have already been busted. If you want to get the real deal about these slot machines, then check this out to get enlightened.
  • Common Slot Machine Myths - Some people believe in slot machine myths because they think that there's no harm in trying. However, a belief in these myths can be dangerous to your gambling and to your pocket.
  • Designed for Randomness; the Slot Machine - A slot machine is indeed the most random machine that you can find with its origins in Charles Fey's workshop. The slot machine operates on a random number generator and it really only takes luck to crack the jackpot.
  • How to Play Slot Machines - It is very easy to play slots. It requires less skill as only pushing a button or pulling a handle is needed to play the game. Once the jackpot is hit, the player should not touch the machine until a casino employee has verified the win and given the prize.
  • Simple and Classic Haywire Slot is the Preferred Choice - The Haywire slot is a classic game that has a quadruple bonus and pays well with triple sevens. Find out why this slot machine, though simple in its game play, is the preferred choice of slots players.
  • Slot Game Tips - Playing the slot machine is a sure way to kill time inside the casino. It is also an exciting game which can be profitable as well. There are tips on how you can maximize your chance of earning big at this game.
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