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Busting Slot Machine Myths

The slot machine world is full of mythologies and mysteries. Some of them may be true or not, it definitely will let you understand more about these wonderful and addicting machines. Some of these stories have been told for many years now while some have just been recently put in the picture. The fact of the matter is that most of these stories started because of the lack of knowledge on how these machines work.

One of the stories that are usually spread around is the one about the handle. They say that it's luckier to pull the handle than hitting the play button. This myth is not true. If you pull the handle or push the max button, you still are activating the same sequence to the game. Some may prefer pulling the handle rather than pushing the play button because for them, it is what the slot machines are for.

Another myth is the one where it's luckier to put cold coins in the slot machine. This is a ridiculous myth. There is no difference on putting in a cold coin or the hottest coin you could get in the machines. There are no temperature sensors in slot machines so it will not change anything.

The next wrong story is the one about the slot machine heating up. A lot of people think that if the machine is heating up, it means that the same machine will about to give you some jackpot. The thing people have to remember is that these types of machine functions randomly. Previous spins are not remembered by these machines. It is possible for slot machines to not give jackpots for hours and hours and also possible for them to give and give.

Slot machines have a random number generator chip or what they call the RNG. The job of this chip is to spin persistently. RNG is a separate part from the machine. The myth about getting near a jackpot if the payoff signs are not there is not true. When you see payoff symbols on the screen whether above or below, this means that you lost.

Exposing these myths can help better understand what to believe in playing these wonderful machines. Getting the right amount of knowledge before stepping inside a casino is essential in not losing loads of money. So before getting your hundred dollar bills changed for chips, be sure to go with a clear head and hope that you're having a lucky night.

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