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Simple and Classic Haywire Slot is the Preferred Choice

The Haywire slot was voted one of the favorite slot machines in casinos. Haywire slots are another creation of renowned slots masters, International Game Technology. Although it is a one liner with 3 reels, it offers something that most slot machines don't: a respin.

If only we could redo certain things in our lives to make it perfect. Given this opportunity, we would be able to correct many wrongs and maybe increase our chances of doing better in life. The Haywire slot gives us this opportunity, at least with our slot game. The respin, which is what the Haywire slot is known for, is available to any player who gets two of the same combination on the first two reels. We automatically get to respin the third reel and we never know, we might just get lucky with the third reel this time around. Perhaps this is the biggest reason why so many people voted for the Haywire slot. Imagine, with the respin, our chances of winning suddenly shoot up.

Another good thing about the Haywire slot is that there are many variations of this slot machine that we are given the option to either bet nickels or as much as ten dollars. Among the different variants though, the most famous is the Wild Haywire Deluxe. There are wild symbols in this slot machine and of course, every time we see a wild symbol, this means that the Haywire slot has a multiplier.

The Haywire slot is one of the classic slot machines in the casino. Being a classic machine, when the player gets a triple seven, they can expect a big payout. Although the payout schedule when it comes to the Haywire slot is somewhat standard, we can enjoy values that quadruple especially when the wild symbols are hit.

With this slot machine, we also get prizes when we get combos. Take for instance when we get the 1x symbol in a multiple combo, this translates to us winnings of up to 4 times more than what we initially expected. The quadruple bonus is not new though to the slot machines of International Game Technology. In fact, they have several slot machines that offer this type of bonus.

The Haywire slot is a slot machine that provides the slot player with a simple game. It has all the attributes of a classic slot machine, yet, despite the advent of video slots, the Haywire slot still found its way to the top of the most preferred slot machines. Perhaps it is this simplicity coupled with the quadruple bonus that has made it the choice of avid slots players.

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